The year 2011 will forever be remembered as the most memorable year in the history of Asia. In this year, Master Ryuho Okawa  - the Buddha reincarnated also known as the World Teacher of the 21st century -  went on the Asia Mission 2011 tour, during which He visited and gave lectures in seven Asian countries; India and Nepal in February, the Philippines and Hong Kong in May, Singapore and Malaysia in September and Sri Lanka in November for the finale of the tour He devoted Himself to spreading the Truth.

In Sri Lanka, where Theravada Buddhists account for 70 percent of its population, 13,000 people gathered together, coming on a hundred and tens of buses, to listen to the Laws, which originate in but at the same time transcend Buddhism, preached by Master Okawa.

“The civil war ended in Sri Lanka. It’s my pleasure. Hatred cannot stop hatred. It is said in Dhammapada. I have the memory of saying that.”

“However, 2500 years have passed. Now when we talk about happiness, economic condition should be considered. This is a lack of teachings, so I want to add this point today. What mindset you should have?  Human being is not a material body. Human being is a soul, a spiritual being. And you can open your future with your mind power.”

Furthermore, Master Okawa preached about the truth of the reincarnation of Buddha who had already entered into nirvana and the Savior’s thoughts while the global population hit 7 billion and about the power of enlightenment. In closing, He concluded powerfully,

“ This is the new starting point of you, Sri Lanka.”

The local media from 18 companies, such as of televisions, radios, newspapers – even from an Indian newspaper – rushed to the site for coverage, where the Master’s lecture was held. A monk who participated in the lecture said,

“Master Okawa is the only one who can teach the people all over the world. He taught us in the modern age what the true life was.”

Said a camera crew who worked at the site,

“I have been shooting many lectures by Buddhist monks but today’s was the greatest. My heart absorbed His teachings very quickly. I have never experienced a feeling like this before.”

On that day, more than 70 percent of non-members who listened to the lecture joined Happy Science, meaning that about 10,000 new members were born in only one day. Moreover, the 30-minute full-length lecture was aired several hours later in prime time in the Sunday evening by 3 television networks and created a sensation all over the country.

The merciful light of the Savior starts shining on the world now. In 2012, His light will further spread out and become a beacon guiding this planet

We welcome you to the recorded lecture to watch at our Shojas in Japan and local branches in the other countries.

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