【VIDEO】“I killed my father by an injection.” Exclusive Scoop

【VIDEO】“I killed my father by an injection.” Exclusive Scoop

Spiritual Messages
Master Ryuho Okawa, Founder of Happy Science Group
December 22, 2011


What is a spiritual message?

A spiritual message is where Master Ryuho Okawa uses his advanced spiritual powers and summons those from the spirit world, who then enter his body using it as a conduit to speak freely. Master Okawa’s spiritual messages are published in books and sold in bookstores throughout Japan and are frequently advertised in the major newspapers, thus gaining social trust. These spiritual messages are gaining influence even in Japan’s political and industrial circles.

His spiritual messages resemble the phenomenon of psychic mediums that have long existed all over the world but the phenomenon of psychic mediums and the spiritual messages of Master Okawa differ in the following ways.

  • Psychic mediums usually lose their awareness and enter a trance and thus do not remember what the souls said using their own mouths. Master Okawa clearly retains his self-awareness throughout the spiritual messages, objectively understanding the souls’ words.
  • The souls of people who had great spiritual powers do not usually engage with psychic mediums whose spiritual capacity does not match theirs. However, as Master Okawa possesses an extremely great spiritual capacity, he can summon the souls of all people and have them speak.
  • If the soul called has a high level of cognition, it is possible for it to select and speak Japanese from Master Okawa’s speech center even if it is not the soul of a Japanese person.



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