About the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident

About the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident


(The following is the summary of the excerpt from Master Ryuho Okawa’s lecture titled " Natural Disaster and Man-made Disaster ” held at Happy Science Fukushima branch on June 4th, 2011)



Watch out for “damage caused by press reporting” which is only for profit by the mass media

  • While I was reading newspapers and watching TV, I realized that the mass media tries to capture only the negative aspects of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, so it may seem like there is no one left in Fukushima. Here, we find a weak point in our democracy, as it shows a tendency to be shaped by the mass media. It is important that the mass media is critical in its reportage when a person with massive power or a tyrant appears. However, we have to watch out when press reports turn to the lives of citizen, because this can create enormous damage.
  • Those who do not believe in invisible spirits and the existence of another world nevertheless believe in the existence of radiation even though it is invisible. Do they believe a bad thing without having to see it? In the medical world, examinations using radioactive materials on human bodies are often conducted. If the amount is extremely small, radiation does not have an impact on human bodies. In fact, the amount of some types of radiation decreases by half in one week and goes down to zero in two weeks. People are too nervous about this matter.
  • The mass media may not realize this, but it plays the fear card. Although the mass media often uses the word “damage caused by harmful rumors” it actually knows this is “damage caused by press reporting”. The mass media views the situation at Fukushima, as an opportunity to increase profits. I do not like the way that the press is causing damage while pretending to be neutral. If the word “damage caused by harmful rumors” is replaced by “damage caused by press reports”, the media would have to pay the compensation. In fact however, “damage caused by press reports” or “damage created by images in the press” has apparently been on the rise.


If people are too afraid of radioactivity, this makes it easier for them to be threatened by nuclear missiles

  • Workers at the nuclear power plant take measures around-the-clock, and they are becoming wiser day by day. We feel insecure because we are currently experiencing something without precedent, but this will eventually become an antecedent and then serve as a guideline in future. If we acquire an ability to solve problems, Japanese nuclear power plants will be able to have the world’s most-advanced technology.
  • Nuclear power plant accidents also occur in other countries, but people would not be aware of them if a government enforces press restrains. According to Dr. Shoichi Watanabe, since China occupies neighboring countries and makes them autonomous regions, building nuclear power plants there, the areas around the Silk Road seem to be full of radioactivity. Although there is a possibility that such accidents also happen in North Korea, it is unknown because the government does not announce it. However, we should not worry too much because there is a theory that a micro amount of radioactivity does not have so much impact on human bodies, but it can work in a positive way.
  • If one kindles fear in the citizenry, since Japan is surrounded by nations armed with nuclear missiles, Japan will be highly sensitive to threats by these countries. We should not be too sensitive because otherwise they will threaten us by saying “This is what it will be like if we drop a missile”.


Danger of “national crisis part 2” by left-wing administration under Prime Minister Kan

  • Tokyo Electric Power Company was demonized and almost nationalized by Kan’s administration. As may well be expected, since this is a left-wing administration, the government attempts to do the reverse of privatization. In addition, the government tries to raise the consumption tax somewhere between 10% and 20% using the disaster-affected Fukushima Prefecture and coasts of Tohoku as its reason. Due to cutting of electricity, production has dropped, and various kinds of consumption have decreased. As a result, sales and income have also decreased. If higher taxes were imposed in addition to this, the economic situation would be worse. A vicious cycle has been set in motion.
  • Regarding Prime Minister Kan, words like “charlatan” have been flying, but I am worried that there is a possibility that Japanese nuclear power plants will all disappear as long as Kan stays in office. Nearly 30 % of power generation is created by nuclear power plants; therefore the costs are fairly cheap. If the government decides to go back to thermal power generation, manufacturing costs in the factories using electricity will be raised, and prices will go up, and then there will be the fear of a situation where no goods are sold.
  • The import route of crude oil from the Middle East goes through the Bashi Channel, yet recently the Chinese navy has been heavily reinforced. If the government intends to increase thermal power by using shipped crude oil, and the route is suppressed by China, the possibility of “national crisis part 2” happening will be quite high.
  • Unfortunately, when looking at the earth as a whole, it is hard not to feel that “the Grim Reaper is somewhat strong”. Japan suffered from the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant crisis, whereas the United States was hit by hurricanes of the greatest scale in a past few decades. Likewise, China is currently stricken by drought. Even Germany suffered calamity recently when a number of people died after eating bacterially contaminated cucumbers. In North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, war in Libya and bomb attacks on the Yemeni presidential palace also took place. Here and there, the earth seems more and more unstable.


The light of Buddha has power to flick off the radiation

  • However, we can not easily allow ourselves to enter into the dark world. We need more light on the whole earth. We should stop putting forth dark thoughts or thinking of the future as darkness or our surroundings will get much worse.
  • I preached about “Destroying Evil and Manifesting Justice(破邪顕正)”in So-honzan Shoshinkan and pointedly demanded that the current administration “resign immediately”. After this speech was reported on the Happiness Realization Party news, we received rush orders from all over the nation and released 4 million issues, which is the same circulation as the Mainichi newspapers. Once we gave the newspapers away, a campaign to topple the government began, which has lead to the turmoil existing at this time. The talk, which took place on May 8th, worked as “a setter”. The Happiness Realization Party poked the government by having demonstrations, so the other opposition parties moved after that.  Since the Happiness Realization Party became a part of the actual political force through the hands of local assembly members, we now have the power to express various opinions while serving as a mass media.
  • If you believe in the impact of the invisible radiation, I want you to also believe that “a power of God and Buddha exists, and the light exists”. Since light of God is the energy of origin of every creation, nothing is stronger than this. I want you to think strongly in your heart that “I am a believer. Light of God, light of the Fundamental Buddha, please protect me. Keep me away from any bad influence.” I want you to believe that the light of Buddha has the power to just blow the radiation away.
  • Not only Japan, but the whole world as well, is watching Fukushima. Therefore, the way people in Fukushima live will be an example and a lesson for Japanese and people throughout the world. I will continue telling my opinions on political and economic aspects as a part of the organization. However, as a basic principle, it is important not to entrust someone else with your happiness or unhappiness. Find the best way that leads you by yourself and practice it under the environment that is given to you. Happiness is given to you under any circumstance. I would like to encourage you to go back to your regular base at the earliest possible date.      


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